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Do you have all of the right technology tools in place to efficiently and effectively manage your next event? TRC's extensive inventory of premium network computer systems, high speed printers, copiers, two-way radios, and more gives you access to the office and communication equipment you need to successfully handle the business end of your trade show, event, conference, or meeting.

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Computer Systems

computer systems

Renting a PC or Desktop Computer System from TRC is an easy and cost-effective solution for your event. All our top-of-the-line desktop computers and laptops come configured, pre-tested, and virus scanned, and all of our laptops have built-in wireless capabilities. Each machine can be pre-loaded with company-specific software applications or with any of the wide array of customizable software applications that TRC offers. Our PC and laptop equipment is delivered, installed, and maintained by our trained computer technicians who are available 24/7 for all of your exhibitors' and/or your technical support and security question needs.

TRC's computer systems can get you equipped to manage the business end of your event.

Want to find out more about renting a Computer System for your next event? Click here to submit an information request.

High Speed Printers, Copiers and Fax Machines

printers, copiers and fax machines

High speed printers, copiers, and fax machines can be pieces of equipment that you need in a hurry so your event can run smoothly and productively. TRC's huge inventory of high-end hardware offers you an easy and cost-effective rental solution, and our national presence allows us to get your rental to you as fast as possible. We deliver all equipment to you prior to your show or event, set it up, and collect everything after, so your exhibitors and/or yourself can stay focused on what matters most — maximizing event success.

Want to find out more about renting High Speed Printers, Copiers, and Fax Machines for your next event? Click here to submit an information request.

Communication Equipment

wireless & wired communication

TRC's Two-Way Radio Rentals make perfect sense when you need a radio for trade shows, corporate evens, conventions, company meetings, training sessions, and special projects of all kinds.

Why rent a radio?

Unlike cellular phones, renting two-way radios is a smart way to increase event productivity and reduce communication costs. Two-way radios' easy to use push-to-talk feature enables the user to communicate instantly with anyone on the network, which is a real time saver when working in larger venues. These portable radios make dedicated, two-way communications faster, clearer, and simpler for users on the move.

Our practical Two-Way Radio Rentals are available to rent for any length of time anywhere in the country. Your TRC Convention Specialist will help you determine which of our high quality, two-way radios is right for your next show or event.

Want to find out more about renting Two-Way Radios for your next event? Click here to submit an information request.

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